Digital Mercenary

guerilla IT consulting

the best ops, you'll never see...

Currently based in Dallas, Tx I provide direct support services to small and medium sized businesses everywhere.

Whether your own IT Ops are overloaded, short staffed, or just non-existent, help is a simple email away. Put my decades of experience to work for you, from single scope professional services projects, to supplementing existing IT departments, to fully managed environments. All services begin with a thorough information gathering session to fully understand what would best suit your individual needs and concerns. From this process, I can then focus on the areas in most need of help. Some areas I’ve helped other clients with include physical security / surveillance, WiFi coverage and performance, mobile device security, and PCI data security compliance.

I’m available in either an on-demand or retainer-based pricing structure, whichever better suits your workflow.


  • network build-out / changes
  • multisite connections
  • cloud services
  • performance metrics
  • penetration testing

Marketing / Branding

  • dedicated hosting
  • SEO and visitor metrics
  • email campaigns
  • CRM integrations


  • physical security
  • awareness training
  • insider threat prevention
  • digital forensics
  • behavioral analysis

Process Improvement

  • standards compliance
  • IT management
  • disaster recovery
  • incident response